About Fireball Media

Fireball Media is a multi-talented web design company. We are focused on delivering the highest standards in web design and development. Fireball Media started life in 2000, we’ve seen all the ups and downs, the ever changing trends, and have survived and developed through them all. We ‘get’ web design, e-commerce and online marketing, which enables us to provide the best solutions and greatest returns for our clients in Ireland.

Our goal is to guide you through the web design process and deliver a solution that meets your needs and achieves outstanding success (with as few headaches as possible!).

We are a small company with big ideas and so you will always have an individual and engaging experience when dealing with our team members and our one of a kind attitude will leave you refreshed, not bewildered.

Our team of talented and passionate people brings strength to Fireball Media. The distinct skills we collectively possess are as diverse as the staff members themselves.

Our design and development team is highly experienced in all aspects of web design and development; from interactive multimedia to typography and user friendly design, and always aim for quality down to the last pixel.

Our sales team is completely dedicated to ensuring our client’s projects are delivered on time, within budget and ensure complete customer satisfaction in a friendly and jargon-free way. You won’t find any waffle at Fireball Media!

Fireball Media is part of the Granite Group. Granite Digital is Ireland’s leading Digital Agency, with a proven record for delivering results and new business for our clients through custom web applications development and search engine marketing.

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